The new 2017-2018 business plan has been presented

In the setting of Lamborghini museum in Funo (province of Bologna), the annual commercial meeting of Zanzar spa took place with the presence of the national sales force and the Italian companies that joined the group IN & OUT (partner of Finco) in 2016.

In addition to Zanzar spa, the Group is active and dedicated in the offer and supply of all components, accessories and complementary products for windows, in Italy counts:

  • Croci srl (roller shutters);
  • Suncover Italia srl (technical blinds and sun protections);
  • Irs srl (Insect Screens for DiY);
  • TIE spa (textile mesh weaver);
  • Stampaggi Industriali srl (moulds and moulding for plastics);
  • Modula srl (kitchen panels and components);
  • Quadra srl (Real estate).

Abroad In&Out is present in:

  • France, with AMB France sarl (Insect Screens, technical blinds and sun protections);
  • Greece, with Screentech ltd (Insect Screens systems);
  • Spain and Portugal with Zanzar Iberia sal (Insect Screens);
  • USA with Protex llc (mesh weaver).

On occasion, the In&Out Chairman, Angelo L’Angelotti, together with the CEO Sergio Fabio Brivio and the CFO Nicola Lippolis, has shown the 2017-2018 business plan.
For In&Out the year 2016 has produced a positive result with an increasing aggregate volume of 13% to over 63 million euros, while the consolidated one reached 43milion euros.
The Group’s future strategies, also in the light of the experience for the Elite certification of Borsa Italiana, are devided on three directions: growth by external lines through the search of potential acquisitions of companies consistent with the core business, the development of the export market (today is 25%) both through companies already connected and new partners, and lastly achievement of operational excellence among all companies sharing a common platform of services and ad hoc tools.