IN&OUT SPA has applied at the "ELITE Growth” certification program of Borsa Italiana member of London Stock Exchange

After winning the Balance Oscar for Non-listed SMEs in 2015 with the leading company Zanzar Spa, “Elite’s Certificate of Borsa Italiana is the next objective of the Holding company IN&OUT Spa,” this is what the President, Angelo L’Angellotti, said during the opening ceremony of the 2015 program at Palazzo Mezzanotte.

“the Certification is an important motivation to continue on the direction of internationalization, technological innovation and quality which are the foundations on which the DNA of our Group is based”.

IN & OUT has come in the “Elite Program” consisting of 26 new Italian companies inserted in the platform devoted to the excellence of SMEs across Europe.

The growth of our companies of the Group, Zanzar SPA as leading company, is due to the competent construction over time of transparent and long-lasting bonds with its customers, suppliers and the workforce, which have contributed to the achievement of these incredible results.

The 12 companies of the Group work on the Italian and foreign market, some of them, with more than twenty years of activity, have become strategic reference players for all other realities of this sector and for costumers, who recognize and choose with satisfaction the systems of: insect screens, technical blinds, roller shutters, motors and controls, textile mesh and system components, which are produced in Grottaglie (TA), Bologna, Mantova, Forlì and in the other Italian and foreign plants of the Group.

Our fundamental reference values for all the Group, in the realization of our numerus projects, has been consecrated to the construction of a systemic approach combining innovation, sustainable development of the territory, pooling of inter-disciplinary knowledge, and the quality of life both inside and outside the companies.

Today the Group and the entire management need to confront directly with institutions, partners, customers, suppliers and people whom cannot just share the projects for the future, but also actively contribute to the creation of additional value for the companies of the Group.

“Taking this opportunity, it is a strong desire of the Group to thank all the stakeholder, who have contributed to the achievement of these results. All this also proves that making the professionality, the creativity and the rationality of acting the focus of our attention, has rewarded the engagement and all the daily efforts”, concluded Angelo L’Angelotti from the stage of Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan.