The IN&OUT Group has been presented

Serata presentazione IN&OUT

“We want to invest in the best young people already in the Company or in who is going to to join it. It will be this investment that will guarantee our future as people, as family, as a community, as a company, as a business group.”

Angelo L’Angellotti, IN&OUT Spa President

A midsummer night under the stars, in the new head quarters of Zanzar Sistem in Grottaglie, a show made of hilarious comedy with well-known and emerging artists introduced by Deborah Villa and Mauro Pulpito. This was the event dedicated to the first 30 of the Company, leader in the production of Insect Screens systems, and to the presentation of the IN&OUT Industrial Group, of which Zanzar Sistem itself is the main company. This was the occasion to bring all the associates of the companies, customers, suppliers, consultants and all the Group’s institutional relations network together.

In the welcome speech Angelo L’Angelotti, Zanzar Sistem founder and IN&OUT Group President, try to get the whole story from the origin, in the late 1980s, to the creation of the Industrial Group of which it is part. In some parts of his speech we can get the values on which the structure of the company has been built. These values reinforce and claim the sense of belonging, the bonds with the territory and the need to continue to grow through an incessant transfer of business knowledge and skills between generations.

“Investing in the human capital”: this is the natural choice of the Group. This message has been further valorized by the issue of a plaque, that has been personalized for the employees with more than 25 years of business fidelity. These lifetime collaborators, advocates of this process of growth, gave to the young employees a “key”, which symbolize the changeover and the transmission of the knowledge, which is the instrument to open the doors of the Future.